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Usually amazing food but I sorry to say it wasn't today, it's was all soggy and cold

Corie, 30 May 2021

I used to come in and eat alot never had a problem .. but since it has a new owner the food bad quality.. last time we went in me and my daughter got food poisoning.. I messaged them to let them know and they read my message then ignored me ... deffo will never go back .

Beth, 26 May 2021

Lovely food

Donna, 17 May 2021

as usual a banging meal for a good price ...cooked quickly...great place

Steve, 16 May 2021

Lovely food

Karen, 16 May 2021

Delicious. but i think you are changeing chef's very often because the meal taste diferent every time i order the food.

Betty, 11 May 2021

Love the food here, best takeaway in town

Lianne, 10 May 2021


Couldn’t leave a positive review because I didn’t receive my order. Apparently the Foodhub machine gets turned off at 9:30 and it magically accepts orders then sets them for delivery. Waited over 2hrs, ended up cooking food after a 14hr shift at the hospital. Poor behaviour, on the plus note he’s offered me my money back.

Jonathan, 09 May 2021

Love this restaurant, I always order from here if I'm working a night shift

Alex, 08 May 2021


Michal, 07 May 2021

Nice food

Evita, 26 Apr 2021

There was one hour delay to deliver the order. The order was not correct. The quality of food is not like I expected.

Mohamed , 23 Apr 2021

Good quality,good taste

Selahattin, 18 Apr 2021

Thanks for your service

Alen, 18 Apr 2021

Missing items from order. Kebab was stone cold.

Kelly, 17 Apr 2021

Again chicken cofte has been swapped out for chicken wings which we don't like and I have said many times in the past. I want a full refund as the order is wrong and it was one hour and twenty minutes late. I expected a call back to organise this tomorrow.

Peter, 17 Apr 2021

I absolutely love your food it is so delicious and tasty especially the lamb dishes and the lentil soup that is the best yummy nom nom can't wait to get my food thank you so much for delivering to me it means a lot to me bless you all for the amazing work you all do

Michelle, 17 Apr 2021

Always great food just don't like when something gets swapped for chicken wings.

Peter, 17 Apr 2021

Could do with a little more rice as the rice is a very small amount . But apart from that its nice

Beth, 17 Apr 2021


Walter Mukungurutse, 14 Apr 2021


Arshaf, 13 Apr 2021

Very nice

Piotr, 12 Apr 2021

Lovelly like always ❤❤❤

Betty, 10 Apr 2021

Very good customer service

Mo, 08 Apr 2021

My family really like this food...

Magda, 07 Apr 2021


Mixed kebab sent with chicken wings that tasted kofte as menu said.had twice now so not a mistake.spoilt meal.

Lisa, 06 Apr 2021